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 Лучший путь предсказать будущее - это создать его. (Питер Друкер)
Идеология идеального общества

Open Consciousness


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Квадрат Пифагора 
Позволяет определить задатки, склонности и способности, заложенные человеку в момент его рождения.


Социальная сеть Антакарана
Единое поле общения для людей, ориентированных на духовное развитие и самосовершенствование.

Книга Урантии
Электронная версия одного из уникальных мировоззренчкеских трудов второй половины ХХ века

Игра "Лила чакра"

Игра самопознания Лила создана в Индии много веков назад. С помощью игры Лила меняется жизнь и судьба.


Who are we?

Sovet-8 is the social organization for people, considering that actual evolution course leads our civilization into an impasse. It is only possible to exit from it if people begin to consolidate and develop more harmonious forms of existence.

Changing the development vector is necessary in all the spheres of Knowledge and Experience, but our first-priority activity will turn around eight directions: politics, economics, education, health, science, philosophy, psychology and art. To our mind, it is extremely important for these spheres to "open up" today: to step aside from former paradigms, trite clichés and stereotypes. The dogmatism in all its forms is unacceptable: every stiff truth is dead for us. Our God - dances. 

What do we stand for?

The human history is sometimes called the history of wars. But it should be defined rather as the history of overcoming crises. It sometimes happens that the civilization development finds itself in an impasse and humanity has to search for an exit. The problem is that people face new challenges all the time. They can be of political, ideological, ecological or economical character, giving the way to each other, intruding to the inner world of the individual and depriving him of his integrity, rest and feeling of the fullness of being. And every time the verified ways of struggling against them turn out to be inefficient -time demands uncommon solutions and peculiar approaches.

Without any doubt those crises represent a sort of stimulus for humanity, a stimulus to pass to a new stage of development, but such challenges bring people a lot of suffering and, in the worst cases, grow into wars. The constant growth of the rhythm of life and the fact, that these crises affect more and more people, make the solution even harder to find. The constantly growing compression of the space-time on the one hand and the tendency to a global growth of the problems, that humanity face, on the other hand trigger huge social tensions: we see the lump of problems becoming bigger and bigger, but we don't have enough time neither to think over the situation, nor to find a solution.
Modern people get involuntarily accustomed to stress and depression. The feelings of embarrassment, anxiety and self-insignificance make us lose control of the situation and convince ourselves that our world is developing independently from our will. Such points of view result in primitive forms of fatalism (what will be, will be) and nihilism (I don't even care). These attitudes towards the whole world and our own lives are, unfortunately, very widely-spread today.

It is clear to us, that evading these dead-ended situations is more reasonable, than struggling against them. In fact it is the key to control the process of the evolution. An impasse is a stop, so the direct alternative to the state of crisis is non-stop development. In order to prevent humanitarian disasters we should learn to act in concert with the Universe and time with it to the rhythm of infinity. 

What do we suggest?

Sovet-8 stands for continuous development on the personal level, as well as on the social one. It is only in this case, that humanity in whole and every individual in particular will be able to anticipate and keep clear of evolutionary dead-ends. We are convinced, that nature has programmed the endless evolution process in every person, which is manifested in our ineradicable aspiration to be happy – to reach some ideal state: fullness of being, integrity and harmony. The idea of happiness itself urges us to act and serves as a guide. Happiness is not a terminal point, but rather an endless path and a guiding star at the same time.
A person may become happy in the external world, as well as in the interior one. But the experience of many generations shows, that material wellbeing can’t bring us full satisfaction. Beyond any doubt, the secret of happiness lies in the spiritual sphere. Inner calmness and correct mental mood represent the foundation of a happy life.

It may sound paradoxical, but our mistakes, our suffering, our dissatisfaction and doubts lead us to the understanding of what happiness is. Our unceasing creative vacillations help us to overcome sluggishness and to stay open to new knowledge, experience and impressions. The ability to never stop and to keep clear of evolutionary impasses represents this knowledge of living by the law of the Space in the constantly widening Universe; it represents this harmony, which we call happiness. We are sure, that the endless evolution principle should dominate in all the spheres of human being, and we intend to develop efficient procedures, that will allow maintaining constant society and individual openness and so will assure the constant heading for happiness.

How is it possible?

Evolution is a perfection-aimed process and every period of evolution always has the scenario of a favourable situation outcome. Actual stage of our civilization development is unique because of the extreme thickness of the information field. The information flow, pouncing on people, is unprecedented and never before we had so little time to take a decision.

But being capable to confuse those, who are not prepared, this information flow is, first of all, an inexhaustible source of knowledge, that we should make the best of by overcoming the sluggishness of our minds and fully activate our intellect and intuition on the basis of scientific, as well as of mystic perception of the reality.

The nature has put in us the ability to develop ourselves and we determine the way of our evolution by ourselves. If in the old times man was the prisoner of the space and his location was limiting the amount of the information, that he could get, nowadays, during the era of fallen borders, it is only the lack of time, that we could complain of. And the time is represented by this information flow. We can slow it down, by stopping unconsciously devouring all the information and learning to analyze and to systematize it in order to make maximum good of it. All in all, everyone wants to be happy, to reach integrity and the fullness of being. But, unfortunately, we usually content ourselves with happiness substitutes, erroneously thinking, that we can restrain time by reiteration and feel the fullness of life by limiting ourselves with conventional frames.

Closed people create closed societies, which, in their turn, impede mankind development. It is time to help each other to open ourselves and to make a breakthrough by passing on to a new stage of human being, where such notions as humanity, unity, faith in one's predestination, stable feeling of joy will come to the foreground. General aspiration to happiness should become the uniting idea, the most important condition of personal and governmental identification, as well as represent a sort of motivation for the development of the country as a part of the international community.


Humanity is in a deep crisis. What will be next?


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Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Our civilization is in crisis, affecting all spheres of life. In which way will the situation develop in the nearest future?

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