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Жизнь учит лишь тех, кто её изучает. (Василий Ключевский)
Идеология идеального общества

Open Consciousness


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Квадрат Пифагора 
Позволяет определить задатки, склонности и способности, заложенные человеку в момент его рождения.


Социальная сеть Антакарана
Единое поле общения для людей, ориентированных на духовное развитие и самосовершенствование.

Книга Урантии
Электронная версия одного из уникальных мировоззренчкеских трудов второй половины ХХ века

Игра "Лила чакра"

Игра самопознания Лила создана в Индии много веков назад. С помощью игры Лила меняется жизнь и судьба.


The Sovet-8 public association logotype (coat of arms) represents an eight-pointed star inscribed in a circle, with the terrestrial globe and a nine-pointed star in zenith inside.

The eight-pointed star symbolizes the celestial body, which organizes the space, the time and the evolution; it is the symbol of Space laws comprehension, the symbol of spiritual culture, of creation and fertility; the combination with the circle indicates the aspiration to order and integrity. The nine-pointed star embodies completion and stability; flickering over our planet it is the guide for the evolutionary development of the human community.

The Sovet -8 association coat of arms reflects, on the one hand, the tradition continuity, and, on the one hand, the birth of a new World, the beginning of a new era, which will open to mankind the underlying interconnection of all Universal processes and phenomena.

The word “sovet” in the name of the association should be understood not only as a “joint discussion of certain subjects”, but also as its acceptations, such as “consent, friendship, harmony”, “good sense, wisdom”. The number 8 also has its sense load. Different religious traditions have linked it to harmony, perfection, fullness, consent and, at the same time – to the beginning of a new cycle.

The people of Ancient China revered the “Eight Immortals” and were sure, that all the laws of the nature evolution, of its cyclic changes are codified in the “Eight trigrams” (Pa Kua). The Pa Kua system is developed in detail in the ancient classic “I Ching” (“Book of Changes”) and serves as the foundation for the ancient and medieval Far Eastern natural philosophy. With its help Chinese people tried to express the diversity of natural and human being phenomena. Pa Kua is usually represented as a circular table inscribed in an octagon. Later it was divided into 64 hexagrams used by Chinese astrologers.

Buddhists have the so-called “ Eight Auspicious Signs ” – a set of eight objects with philosophical implications: the umbrella protecting from bad intentions; two goldfishes symbolizing happiness and unity; the vase filled with the immortality potion – the treasury of good intentions; the lotus flower –symbol of purity and the token of salvation; the shell, curled to the right side in a spiral – symbol of Dharma’s awakening and harmony; the knot without the start and the end – symbol of the eternal cycle of realizations and of the interdependence of all phenomena; the victory banner – symbol of the Meru mountain, the center of the Buddhist universe; the wheel with eight spokes – symbol of the eight-stepped path to the perfection. The eight-stepped path is: wisdom – 1) right outlook, 2) right intention; morality – 3) correct language, 4) correct behaviour, 5) correct lifestyle; discipline – 6) right effort, 7) right thinking, 8) right concentration.

According to the Christian tradition, the number eight symbolizes the renovation, “the beginning of the Eternity” – the eighth day after seven days of creation – seven centuries of the Creator and the arriving century of the Father. In Ancient Russia baptismal fonts were usually octahedral. The octahedron is linked with an ancient problem of squaring the circle and was regarded as a transition figure between the square (symbol of the Earth and of four elements) and the circle (symbol of the sky).

In the West European heraldry the octahedron and the eight-pointed star are the symbols of knowledge and wisdom. They are used on the coats of arms of several countries, as well as on the order signs in all European countries. The eight-ray star is considered to be the star of the Virgin Mary. It is the only star admitted to the orthodox symbols system. It is represented on the Our Lady icons (e.g. the Burning Bush) and on altarpiece icons as a symbol of the star of Bethlehem, as well as on the Saint Nicholas icons. 

In Russian icon painting and Christian orthodox symbol system before the schism of the patriarch Nikon period an almost perfect octagon, formed by the bias overlay of two squares, conserving the lines of their crossings, was used as a symbol of God the Father. In the pre-Christian epoch the eight-pointed star symbolized the God of the sky and wisdom Svarog, the spouse of the goddess Lada.

Certain modern scientists call the eight-pointed star with interlaced lines the star of Rus (Ancient Russia), also called as the Svarog Square or the Star of Lada the Mother of God. According to the existing theories, this magic sign contains the key to the greatest mysteries of nature, it is the sign of the essence of being, of the unity and of the interpenetration of three states of the world – Prav, Yav and Nav. Yav is the material, visible, real, clear world, where we live and which we feel. Nav is a parallel, spiritual world: unreal, other, invisible, imaginary, existing in another dimension (“nav” is the root for the Russian word “navajdenie” – obsession, temptation). Prav is the upper spiritual world, the sphere of the “Enlightened Gods”, who rule Nav and Yav and carry on the transition between the two worlds. Wise ancestors of Russian people lived in harmony with nature (Lada the Mother of God) and didn’t consider themselves as the servants of God because they were strong and free. They revered the upper spiritual world, the world of “Enlightened Gods” - Prav – and, therefore, called themselves “pravoslavnye” (orthodox).


Humanity is in a deep crisis. What will be next?


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Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Our civilization is in crisis, affecting all spheres of life. In which way will the situation develop in the nearest future?

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