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Understanding responsibility participation
 Лучший путь предсказать будущее - это создать его. (Питер Друкер)
Идеология идеального общества

Open Consciousness


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Квадрат Пифагора 
Позволяет определить задатки, склонности и способности, заложенные человеку в момент его рождения.


Социальная сеть Антакарана
Единое поле общения для людей, ориентированных на духовное развитие и самосовершенствование.

Книга Урантии
Электронная версия одного из уникальных мировоззренчкеских трудов второй половины ХХ века

Игра "Лила чакра"

Игра самопознания Лила создана в Индии много веков назад. С помощью игры Лила меняется жизнь и судьба.


Collective interaction of the Sovet-8 public association members is based on the following internal principles:

We stand for:

1. Altruism and resolution in actions. Assuming personal responsibility for what is happening in the country and in the world and aspiring to change the situation for the better.

2. Attention to the spiritual side of life. Discovering of one’s mission, one’s ideals.

3. Aspiration for knowledge systematization, argumentation and logic.

4. Interest for collective work. Ability to look at things from another point of view, to accept the opinions of other people.

5. Internationalism, understanding of races and religions parity. Perception of the World unity and integrity, as well as of the interconnection of all processes and phenomena.

6. Thirst for knowledge (inquisitiveness), aspiration for truth, interest for sciences and art.

7. Positivity, good energy. Willingness to support, to find people holding the same views.

8. Honesty, reliability, modesty, simplicity and openness in communication, rejection of injustice and lawlessness.

We are against:

1. Irresponsibility, apathy, indifference.

2. Selfishness, narcissism, inability to listen. Isolation, closure.

3. Any sort of domination, any type of people discrimination (racial, sexual, financial and others).

4. Laziness, complacency, routine acceptance, satisfaction by the existing order of things.

5. Nitpicking, distrust, acidity. Search of enemies.

6. Dogmatism, liability to propagandas.

7. Prooflessness, inconsistency, judgements shallowness.

8. Cult of money. Lack of faith.



Humanity is in a deep crisis. What will be next?


Pressing topic

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Our civilization is in crisis, affecting all spheres of life. In which way will the situation develop in the nearest future?

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