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Understanding responsibility participation

Для того чтобы народы могли развиваться, расти, покрываться славой и успешно мыслить и работать — в основе их жизни должна лежать идея прогресса. (Эмилио Кастеляр)


Идеология идеального общества

Open Consciousness


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Позволяет определить задатки, склонности и способности, заложенные человеку в момент его рождения.


Социальная сеть Антакарана
Единое поле общения для людей, ориентированных на духовное развитие и самосовершенствование.

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Электронная версия одного из уникальных мировоззренчкеских трудов второй половины ХХ века

Игра "Лила чакра"

Игра самопознания Лила создана в Индии много веков назад. С помощью игры Лила меняется жизнь и судьба.


Today most people, regardless their age, social status or income level, feel dissatisfied, anxious, dissociated, unprotected and desperate. This state of mind becomes more and more common, it is not regarded as something unnatural, abnormal. We have the right to bring up the question of a deep crisis affecting all the key spheres of the social life – politics, economics, health,education and, the most important, our inner world.

The information flow, pouncing on the society during the last few years, requires immediate interpretation and systematization. Mankind has entered into a surprising evolution phase, characterized by a sharp speeding-up of all existing processes and the emergence of new, phenomenal ones, beyond common limits. We are convinced that during last few decades an information and energy burst has lifted the veil of the unique knowledge. This knowledge should help us think independently and positively, perceive the reality in a more heartfelt way, be unselfish and open in communication, understand our true predestination, rule over our life events with more efficiency and sometimes even create them.

Evolution presupposes our creative participation. Man has this possibility of self-development, given to him by nature; he can take a detached view of himself, act consciously, have a choice and join other people self-realizing himself. But these simple forms of existing remain almost untouched. The reason for this is that people have progressively lost the most important information source and, with it, the sense of the whole life, slipping away in a fussy daily routine because of the shallow, transient minds, under the influence of the aggressive propaganda of faulty values and, first of all, the propaganda of the cult of money. Meanwhile, the ability to tune up the mind in order to attain lofty aims, to perceive the depth of world experience, to look into what is happening, is within any person’s powers, regardless the environment of his existence.

Like everything in the Universe, progressively developing from smaller volumes, people have all the possibilities to gradually develop their individual “ego”, to better understand the environment, the purpose of their being in this world, to perceive the most important principles of interaction with other people.Continuing self-determination and self-development processes allow people to find their bearings in the endless information flow and in the diversity of life situations, give them a chance to change their environment. In this case self-determination and development become a fascinating game, helping people to understand themselves and their environment, rather than an exhausting forced procedure.
For the most part of the Earth population, regardless their nationality, skin colour or religion, the sense of life lies in the simple willing to be happy, to feel inner satisfaction by the conditions of one’s being, the fullness and the consciousness of one’s live. From the philosophical point of view, happiness is the match of real and ideal (desired) destinies, but nothing alike seems to happen to the most part of modern people during all their course of life. That is why all-round willingness to be happy should become the uniting idea, the most important factor of personal and governmental identification, and represent a sort of motivation for the development of the country as a part of the international community. Happiness is only possible when the country ideology is aimed at transferring such notions as humanity, unity, consciousness, faith in one’s predestination and stable feeling of joy in the solid foundation of every person’s life. And last century, which gave to people surprising possibilities in the spheres of self-determination and self-development, has already seen first prerequisites for these positive changes. Phenomenal scientific discoveries, deepest researches in spiritual and social disciplines have confirmed, that the reality changes and the Space becomes closer. Numerous prospects emerged to perceive the essential mysteries of reality and to change the world, in which we are living today.

How much time do we have? If we don’t succeed in turning to the direction of harmonizing all processes and all phenomena on the Earth, the global nature will start to reject mankind and to protect itself from our presence, which has been the subject of prophets’ and scientists’ predictions for a long time already. The question is how far we will go in our misunderstanding and which the scale of the cataclysm, able to stop the falling of our civilization, should be. What can be done today in order to overcome this total lack of faith, these fear and depression; in order to develop true knowledge, buried under the wraps of the consumption society morality and momentary philosophy?

The first stage of the epoch-making energetic and informational process, taking its start in the Space and on the Earth, will bring mankind and our planet to a qualitatively new state of being. New discoveries will give to people peace, harmony, calmness, energy of love and wellbeing. They will favour the renovation of norms and principles of existence by adding to rational dogmatic views other representations of the reality nature and of the human predestination. The new world perception and the activity, proper to it, should be based on such human qualities as inquisitiveness, freethinking, optimism, versatility,tolerance,ingenuity, social openness, inclination to interact, altruism.

We call to join us those, who are full of determination to act, who truly want to change perverse principles of modern society and perceive this amazing integrity of the Universe; those who see their predestination in serving higher purposes, corresponding to the actual stage of civilization development.



Humanity is in a deep crisis. What will be next?


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Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Our civilization is in crisis, affecting all spheres of life. In which way will the situation develop in the nearest future?

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